Derek Roy
Lead Vocals
Derek Roy was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Growing up he and his father spent countless hours listening to classic rock n' roll albums from beginning to end. Derek picked up his first instrument, the guitar, after hearing Led Zeppelin for the first time. At age 18 he joined the Air Force, and set off across the globe to find himself. Derek continued to play music, practicing the Guitar, Keys, and Bass. He was inspired to sing by the voices of: Mike Patton (Faith No More), Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin), Gary Cherone (Extreme), Terry Kath (Chicago), and Greg Allman (The Allman Brother's Band). As well as the harmonies of: Yes, Chicago, The Doobie Brothers, Extreme, Styx, and Queen. Derek is passionately "at home" performing with his friends in Pilot Error, and with their amazing audience. He has always felt that the crowd is the most important element of the show, and enjoys the unique relationship the band shares with its audience. He prefers Shure Beta 58A microphones, and a 30º-below-zero shot of Jägermeister before the show.
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Ray Emmons
Keyboards / Vocals
Ray Emmons spent his youth in Maine learning to play Keyboards at the age of 14. By 15 he was performing in local bars and dance halls. After years of playing locally, he headed to Nashville to pursue a career in music. Spending the next few years on touring, eventually landing in Boise. Ray’s musical influences are vast. “I grew up playing country music, but always kept an open mind listening to everything from Blue-Grass to Heavy Metal.” His first original music project shared the stage with the likes of Black Hawk, Kentucky Headhunters, Phil Vassar, Chelly Wright, and more. He has recorded at the famous Turner-Up studio in Nashville, TN. “You really learn a lot about music when you spend time around all those great players in Nashville”. “My goals right now are to be home with my family while playing with Pilot Error.”
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Roger Witt
Lead Guitar / Vocals
Roger Witt hails from Salt Lake City, Utah. At the age of 8 he learned how to play the ukulele and also performed at various functions with his siblings in an "adorable" and well orchestrated kids vocal ensemble that his mother, a classically trained pianist, had created. At age 15 he finally got his first electric guitar and quickly began to develop his skills. Several years later as a 22 year old lead guitarist heavily influenced by bands such as Rush, Boston, Van Halen, Kansas, and Al DiMeola, he traveled with a band called Justin Sayne who enjoyed moderate international success as a result of a rigorous touring schedule and the release of their highly collectible CD "Big Tools". Roger now calls Boise his home and currently occupies much of his time as an electronic engineer and technician. However, his real passion has always been music. After joining in September of 2007 he is enjoying every aspect of the Pilot Error experience...from jamming with friends, to jamming for our friends and everything in between. Roger sings lead and backing vocals and has an affinity for the Ibanez Steve Vai model guitars and Marshall amplification.
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Troy Nickell
Drums / Vocals
Troy Nickell ... An Idaho native born into a musical family, Troy was amazed by everything musical from day one. He figured out pounding on just about anything that makes noise was a pretty cool way of blowing off some steam while making music at the same time. His earliest influences were of course the Beatles, Grand Funk Railroad, Yes and Deep Purple to name just a few. Playing drums came quite naturally to Troy as his first “real” gig was with a band of “twenty-somethings” at the age of 13. During high school, Troy found himself driving the rhythm section for a full fledged six nights a week club band in the Boise area. He continued playing throughout the eighties & nineties touring the western U.S. and Canada. After a not-so-brief hiatus, Troy returned to the stage and the studio in 2000 to play and record with a handful of diverse local bands. The addition of Troy to the Pilot Error line-up in April 2008 was the final piece to the puzzle that makes PE the tightest band around. Troy plays a gorgeous 6 piece DW Collector’s Series Maple drum kit with black hardware and Evans drum heads. He plays Zildjian “A” series crash, splash & hi -hat cymbals and a sweet pre-aged Zildjian “K” ride. Troy pounds all his gear with Pro-Mark 420 sticks.
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Walt Stewart
Bass Guitar / Vocals
Walter Stewart landed on Earth at a tiny air base in Hahn, Germany, born to a very musical family. He plays bass guitar and sings both lead and backing vocals for Pilot Error as well as heads up both the management and marketing for the band. Walter has lived all around the USA and has played live music just about every where he's been. During 80's & early 90's, he found himself in Los Angeles performing regularly at the famous showcase clubs on Sunset Blvd. and filling opening slots for major acts touring Southern California at the time. These years spent performing original music honed his improv skills and helped form Walter's "in the pocket", lead style Bass playing. Geddy Lee of Rush and Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead were also two major influences. Walter transplanted to Boise in late 2006 from Phoenix, AZ on a consulting contract for his sales and marketing company, Steamroller Creative, LLC. After many auditions around Boise, he was discovered by Pilot Error and absolutely loves being part of the band. Walter plays both 4 and 5 string Bass and drives his 410/115 Bi-Amp System with a GK 800RB head and roams freely on stage using a Yamaha diversity wireless system.
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